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Moss Cleaning - Tarmac Cleaning - Block Paving - Driveway Cleaning

Patio Cleaning - Wall Cleaning - Conservatory Cleaning

We at 'Chiswick & West London Brick Restoration & cleaning' are experienced brick specialists dealing with all types of restoration, be it paint or render removal or just a simple clean and re-point.
We are an established firm, with over
8 years on site experience. 
Introduction & About Me

Welcome to my website, my name is Tommy Mackay and I'm 29 years old, am married and have 3 young children, and I have worked in the building industry from aged 15 when I left school.

I have worked with my dad since leaving school and done various projects, full house refurbishments; extensions, new builds, block paving, brick laying , roofing, plastering,and also brick restoration. I have many skills learnt from my hands on experience with my father including, brick restoration, brick cleaning , brick repairs, pointing and re-pointing , stone masonry cleaning and repairs, paint removal , external painting, pressure cleaning, render cleaning, roof cleaning, moss removal, tarmac cleaning and coating, block paving and driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, wall cleaning, conservatory cleaning, and window cleaning. Also gutter vacuum cleaning and washing, ground works , brick laying , block paving drive ways, patios painting and decorating, tiling, chimney stack removal and repair.

My father who has been in the business for over 30 years and has taught me to work to the highest standards, passing onto me the skills he has acquired during his many years in the trade.

Now I have branched out on my own and take great pride in whatever I do.

I offer a 100% satisfaction with low prices and am happy to provide excellent references on request and provide a free sample and estimate at no cost.

No job is too big or small
Watch Me Working
Finished Pointing From The Video
No Work Is Too Difficult

This particular property in the video below required a paint strip and as is often the case, the paint was hiding a mulitude of faults that was mostly down to previous BAD remedial work.

After removing the paint we discovered someone had thought it a good idea to skim the bricks with pollyfiller before painting it. There is NO chemical that can remove it.

The client insisted he wanted the property back to brick rather than the ugly brick damaging paint that was on it, even though the only way to remove was to sand filler off the brick.

This sort of work should only be tackled by a very experienced restorer or the building could become an eyesore .
Raking out the joints of brickwork to prepare for repointing.
We got a very good result and the client was delighted with it
Below are some more examples of my work.
* Guaranteed to be 20 % cheaper?
  than any other quote.
* Free samples.
* Free estimates.
* All payments made after completion of work.
We aim to bring you complete satisfaction at low cost and take great pride in our workmanship.
We NEVER ask for payments until all work is completed, and the customer is 100% satisfied with all work carried out.
With weatherstruck joint as above as example.
Pointing should be tucked slightly under bottom of brick and dead flush with top of next course, never overhanging or proud, finished with a sharp cut, the perpendicular joints or perps as they are better known should be slightly tucked in on one side flush on the other side without covering any part of brick, finished with a sharp cut. Gauge should never be stronger than 6 sand 1 cement 1 lime.   
Brick Cleaning and Stone Cleaning:

We always clean brickwork or stonework using professional methods, and a combination of strong cleaning chemicals, and specialist high powered machinery.

This is guaranteed to remove any dirt or paint in a controlled and careful manner without damaging any brickwork or stonework.

Brick Repairs and Re-pointing:
We specialize in all kinds of pointing. Weather struck, Tuck point, Westminster smudge, Flush or Penny point.
We use a lime base mortar.
Using a lime mortar allows the brick and pointing to breath. What do I mean by breath?
Moisture that's in the brick or mortar can ventilate it's self out.
If the moistures in the bricks are trapped and moisture increases within a wall, then the likelihood of decay also increases, leaving your bricks damaged and a risk of damp on the internal walls of your property.
Paint or Render Removal:
With paint removal we use the same techniques
and methods as we do with the normal clean,
however prior to the cleaning we use a strong
special remover to remove the paint.
With render removal we tend to remove with hand tools thereby avoiding causing any unnecessary damage to the bricks.

We always advise any render that was not on the properties original build is most likely to cause you damage at a later date. You're always best repairing your property back to its original brick.
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