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Chiswick Brick Restoration ltd – Our aim when Re-Pointing a property is to achieve amazing results. As professionals we can help home owners make the decisions that are right for old buildings.  
Done properly Re-Pointing restores the visual and physical integrity of any building. Short cuts and poor craftmanship by unqualified builders result not only in diminishing the historic character of a building, but also its a job that looks bad and will require future work.  Builders don’t understand the importance of using natural materials on your building that allows it to breathe. 

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The use of cement can cause permeat damage to masonry when used to repoint brick work, this cannot be repaired easily. Cement is known to cause bricks to spall and crack.  If cement mortar is used water  will not escape the walls of your home. If moisture in the bricks are trapped moisture  within a wall will increase.  the likelihood of decay will start to happen. The risk of penetrating damp will increase. 
Winter time can be fatal to brick freezing moistures leaving bricks damaged and crumbling or flaking away.
If you own a period property chances are it was constructed with hydraulic lime rather than cement.

Practice makes perfect

Chiswick Brick Restoration ltd specialist have studied period property’s for years. We can tell you the long term benefits of using more traditional solutions on older houses rather than modern materials. The first thing you become aware of is the building fabric and why it is important to use traditional materials. 
What do we mean by this? 

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The mortar in a building has often been called a  walls “first line of defense”. Using natural lime mortar allows your building to breathe and move. Moisture’s that are trapped inside your building can ventilate itself out.All buildings need to move, using lime mortar allows flexibility movement in the joints of your building. Once a Building settles tiny cracks can appear  in the pointing but don’t worry natural lime has a unique ability to absorb particals  in the air that help it self heal and it’s been used for 100’s of years.

Always consult with a specialist before any works happen to your property that you think could be harmful or disruptive. 

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