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 Chiswick Brick Restoration provides a Repair Service to brickwork that has blistered, spalled or that may have broken down because of bad pointing, water flow or to individual bricks that may have been underneath layers of paint. Chiswick Brick Restoration repair procedure is to scrape back and take away all unstable elements of the brick, reconstruct every individual brick before re-coloring the bricks to match with the existing brickwork. For years Chiswick Brick Restoration have operated across London and Surrey, and are specialists in the restoration of brick and stonework leaving a long-lived end, that can bring your building back to life and show its former glory.

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 Take a glance at Chiswick Brick Restoration portfolio to check for yourself. All done using professional skills & sympathetic strategies. Chiswick Brick Restoration is able to re-produce brick and ornate mouldings by hand. Should the project need replacement bricks Chiswick Brick Restoration will source reclaimed bricks. 

Projects that need larger amounts of elaborated ornate bricks and mouldings can be reproduced by Chiswick Brick Restoration team should we be unable to source by reclaiming. Chiswick Brick Restoration team is extremely expert in the area of permanently coloring brickwork to its natural state. The above method is usually more common with stock bricks, & red bricks are more usually replaced & cut out. 


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