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Most buildings designed as recently because the Nineteen Eighties may contain lead-based paint. Lead paint that’s in good condition, no breakage or peeling, is most of the time, not a problem. However, windows, or areas where there’s lead paint that’s rubbed can cause dirt which has lead in it. The lead was utilized in the paint as a result of it raised the lifetime of the paint. It was generally used on the outside of buildings. This can be terribly harmful if indrawn. Common areas on buildings that are typically coated in a lead paint include:

  • fencing or Porches
  • frames & Doors
  • Exterior
  • warehouse or Garage flooring
  • sills & Windows

To find out additional regarding our paint removal services, please contact our workplace at 07939491297. With Chiswick Brick Restoration, we’ll get your building secured. Chiswick Brick Restoration team is licensed & ready to get rid of and discard of any lead paint that may be on your facility. Chiswick Brick Restoration would be happy to listen to from you.

Paint Removal strategies
Chiswick Brick Restoration offers our paint removal services for all of Intercourse, the Surrey and therefore the encompassing communities. For comprehensive paint removal services with negligible disruption to your facility, Chiswick Brick Restoration is your best option. Chiswick Brick Restoration will successfully take away any lead-based paints from your structure using a kind of strategies, as well as however not restricted to:

  • Replacement & Removal of lead-bearing elements
  • Brushes
  • Scrapers
  • Transportation & removal of lead contaminates
  • HEPA vacuum
  • Chemical removal
  • Abrasive blasting

Chiswick Brick Restoration team is certified and specially trained in lead abatement. There’s no such issue as employment large or little for our team. Let us defend your building and every one of its inhabitants.

The Surrey Paint Removal Contractor
Chiswick Brick Restoration offer comprehensive paint removal services also as lead removal services for business and industrial structures across the Surrey. Please call us at 07939491297 to find out additional regarding our reliable, quick and reasonable paint removal services. Chiswick Brick Restoration additionally offers residential paint removal services. Chiswick Brick Restoration can guarantee your buildings are safe, healthy and lead paint free.