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24 Emily Davison Drive, Epsom, KT18 5QH

As an owner of a stone building, you’re long-faced with a quandary – to scrub or to not clean. If you do not clean your masonry, your building can still look unkempt and will even be broken by the mosses, lichens, bird lime and pollutants that have accumulated over the years.
On the opposite hand, if you do have your stone cleansed, you’ll wish to understand that it’s being done properly using environmentally sound and applicable ways. At only once, the utilization of abrasive discs, aggressive chemicals, high-pressure laundry, and grit blasting (sandblasting) were the sole choices. These strategies have caused indeterminable harm to the stone buildings of the United Kingdom.

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Contact Chiswick Brick Restoration stone cleaning services currently on 07939491297 for a no- obligation chat regarding how we will profit your project. Chiswick Brick Restoration can offer everything needed to attenuate disruption and inconvenience to your daily routine, together with ‘out-of-hours’ operating where necessary. Chiswick Brick Restoration do a full risk assessment and make sure that the project conforms to Health and Safety rules. Chiswick Brick Restoration follows a strict environmental policy that covers all aspects of your cleanup project from the chemicals we use to the disposal of packaging.